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Tribe Full Movie Set for 20 centuries BC., in the land of Far West , in eastern Sahara Africa; there lived King Bunzo of the great Tribe Nation, seeming little in size but mighty in times of war. The Empire of Tribe has authority over every other empire. King Bunzo chooses to sell his male subjects to slave traders who worked for the bloody tasty King of Northern Kingdom known as Emperor Tobitotaya. Emperor Tobitotaya is a dreadful Leader that wants Kings of other Nations to bow before him. Any King who refuses to do so, he would give a handshake of War. From greed, to betrayal, to bravery, to love, Tribe is a film that has a good dosage of such emotions in a manner that will have cinema lovers glued to their seats.

  • Release: 2016-05-14
  • Rating: 0
  • Production: Igbosteve Pictures /
  • Genre: ActionAdventureFantasyThriller

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Movie Director & Crew Behind Tribe

  • Ifeanyi Onyeabor
  • Steve Okonmah
    Executive Producer

Release Date:
NG 2016-05-14

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Tribe – Starring


Peter Burno
King Bunzo

Amanda Ebeye
Princess Sankilari

Ekow Blankson
Wizard Otopo

Peachman Akputa
Sonto Makatani

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