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S.I.S. Full Movie S.I.S., or Special Investigation Squad, is an elite branch of the LAPD. A new psychopath terrorizing Los Angeles proves to be their hardest case yet.

  • Release: 2008-08-24
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Production:
  • Genre: ActionThriller

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It’s pretty obvious that this was a pilot to a tv-series that never was picked up but released on DVD as a movie instead. It even has logo-stops every 15 minutes or so with the SOS flashing up signifying it’s time for advertisement.It’s surprising that it’s from 2008 because it feels extremely dated, although I suppose it could have been shelved quite a while before the studio decided to try to make use of it. Feels and looks like any random mid 90’s cop show.Originally I was going to be nice and give it a 2.5 as I found some enjoyment in the cheesyness of it all and had it been picked up as a tv series (in the 90’s at least) chances are I’d watch it every now and then. (Although it’s pretty obvious why it wasn’t picked up).But I noticed just now that JOHN HERZFELD directed it and he can do a heck of a lot better than this, 15 MINUTES is one of my favorite copflicks it’s well crafted in every area and it’s mindboggling that he directed both. It’s really like night and day comparing the 2. So that pursuaded me to change the rating a 2/5 instead.

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Movie Director & Crew Behind S.I.S.

  • John Herzfeld
  • John Herzfeld

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S.I.S. – Starring


Keith David
Joseph Armstrong

Christina Cox

Peter Stebbings
Billy Beckett

Matthew Nable
Melville Atkinson

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